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It was an endless night of distress with feeling of loss and hopes were seen at a distance when we heard about the VISA refusal a couple of weeks ago.
After careful consideration by the agent they decided to re-lodge our VISA as they felt the decision was unfair to refuse our application. A light of hope regained by this gesture alone and now in about two weeks time, we saw our VISA grant notification which is beyond our expectation. Having trust and confidence in your agent and letting them do what they does best pays off.
Thank you Bodhi5 team for your efforts and going above and beyond in delivering your promises. I recommend Bodhi5 to everyone chasing your Australian dreams. They not only promises the best, they deliver it with magic.
Get in touch with them and you’ll not regret your decision of choosing them as your agent.
All the best and thank you Bodhi5 once again for eradicating impossible word from us, will always be in debt for your great work.

Kinley and Spouse
Source Bodhi5 ECPF Facebook Review https://www.facebook.com/bodhi5ECPF/reviews

- Kinley Choden Lhaden

It was very convenient and easy for me to approach the team since they were friendly and ready to help anytime. I couldn't be more thankful than I am now to the team who worked hard for us to achieve our own dreams and goals .The service was accommodative and user-friendly till now and would like to thank the team for the wonderful experience.

Source Bodhi5 ECPF Facebook Review https://www.facebook.com/bodhi5ECPF/reviews

- Sonam Pelden Dorji

Team B5 have been friendly, proactive, dedicated and on time service provider who always work for wellbeing and benefits of people opting to study overseas. Service seekers will never regret.

Source Bodhi5 ECPF Facebook Review https://www.facebook.com/bodhi5ECPF/reviews

- Pema Lhendup

I was fortunate that I came into contact with B5 Education Consultancy and Placement. I found Bodhi5 very fast and to the point in processing the application especially Mr. Sonam Penjor sir. Thank you Sonam sir once again.

Trusted and tested firm.

From Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/bodhi5ECPF/reviews

- Karma Yangtse

Thank you Bodhi5 Education and Placement Firm for giving us hope and making our dreams come true. Truly a blessing to choose you as our dream partner.

Best wishes from happy parents.

From Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/bodhi5ECPF/reviews

- Yeshee Dolma

I wanted to express my personal gratitude for the effort and extra time B5 team had contributed. Thank you so much for the support and I highly recommend B5 is the best consultant.

From Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/bodhi5ECPF/reviews

- Karrma Leks

The team in this consultancy has hard working members. They outsource their innovative ideas to reach out to their clients. The best thing about this consultancy us they share, discuss and come up with the best possible means to fulfil their client's dreams and aspirations. Face to face sitting makes the discussion way more fulfilling for both the parties. Of course a cup of tea or a coffee would be on your table as you discuss with Ms. Damchoe.

As long as we are ready with the required documents, their services are put into action. Follow up activities are done on a regular basis to keep the clients informed about the progress. With Bodhi5 the VISA doesn't seem to take much time. The consultancy fee seems to be minimal as compared to most of the other consultancies. If you are an aspiring client who wishes to be reached out fast, I would recommend Bodhi5. Your trust on them shall be rewarded.

- Tashi Phuntsho

It is of great pleasure to have my visa granted and a huge appreciations and a big thanks to the team-Bodhi5 Education Consultancy. It was my intuitive to bestow my full trust on the team that they would definitely have my visa granted. Never a doubt. And with the same hope for those who are waiting and processing and also for those who are yet to start, have your trust on the team. The team which started just few months ago and within this period of time, they did their fabulous job and helped few granted and I am sure this is just their beginning.

In particular I would like to acknowledge Sir Sonam Penjor, a wonderful human being for being approachable and being there for us whenever called upon. And madam Damchoe who we met personally here in Bhutan.

Finally to the whole team, thank you so much.

- Tashi Phantomz

Thank you very much for your efforts for us. We are really fortunate to put in our trust in your team. Your care and support is really deserving thumbs up. The pest part in your team is the coordination amongst your team members. With such a spirit of your team, I assure your team will lift your consultancy to greater heights. Thank you once again.

- Yeshey

I and my family would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Bodhi5 Education consultancy for helping us achieve a new journey in our life. Can’t even think of what to do right now, everything else are looking like unimportant and blurring other than VISA.

We would like to acknowledge Bodhi5 team for your excellent communication via calls, messages, emails and with their prompt replies even during the odd and busy hours.

Bodhi5 is the Best of “THE BEST” to explore your pathways for your future career as the team shows you “ Every black cloud has a silver lining” which I expected before and experienced later too. I am really happy to the support and guidance the team gave me from the start till the end. The team are so good to cooperate with their amicable behaviour, explaining everything very smoothly, so it is easy to understand. The team comprises of well experienced, qualified and energetic staff.

Bodhi5 is the one and only consultancy where you can see your dream and achieve all goals with great advice and services. So I highly recommend Bodhi5 agent to anybody who need assistance to achieve your dream.

- Sonam Choki & Family

Bodhi5 consultancy has an incredible team. Please have faith in them, they will never let any of their clients down. So long you abide by their guidance, anyone can achieve what you want to achieve. In particular, I would like to thank Sonam Coco (my case dealer) and maam Damchoe for their guidance.

- Pema Lotay

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